The plight of those less fortunate

has consistently been turned a blind eye by the world. We are of the belief that given the opportunity, and a helping hand, the children living in these impoverished communities will be the innovators and ultimately those who lead the way to a more sustainable lifestyle that the entire world has been in great need of.

Nasaru and you!

Nasaru's goal is to implement innovative sustainable living solutions, such as "green" energy technologies, rainwater collection, aquaponics, and sustainable architecture. We are starting at the Nakifuma campus, but if our dreams come true, our organization will eventually travel worldwide, bringing impoverished people the tools they need to succeed as a community by incorporating sustainable living practices.

Nasaru needs the support of those with compassionate hearts, those who can't ignore the fact that there are large numbers of people in our world who are suffering desperately. If we receive strong support from those who care, we can make a radical difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate. It was Mahatma Gandhi who said, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." We believe that people should work together, peacefully, to care for each other as well as the environment, and Nasaru's projects are a good example of this philosophy in action. We are happy you have taken an interest in Nasaru, and we hope you contribute further by exploring our website, reading our mission statement, researching our current projects, becoming a sponsor, donating to the cause, or contacting us to find out other ways you can participate in Nasaru.

Sponsor our mission

Support the Nasaru team now! Help fund much needed charitable projects around the world; enable us to educate, feed and house those who are greatly in need. …